Magdy A. Bayoumi

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We present a new design for a 1-b full adder featuring hybrid-CMOS design style. The quest to achieve a good-drivability, noise-robustness, and low-energy operations for deep submicrometer guided our research to explore hybrid-CMOS style design. Hybrid-CMOS design style utilizes various CMOS logic style circuits to build new full adders with desired(More)
In this paper, high-performance flip-flops are analyzed and classified into two categories: the conditional precharge and the conditional capture technologies. This classification is based on how to prevent or reduce the redundant internal switching activities. A new flip-flop is introduced: the conditional discharge flip-flop (CDFF). It is based on a new(More)
A performance analysis of 1-bit full-adder cell is presented. The adder cell is anatomized into smaller modules. The modules are studied and evaluated extensively. Several designs of each of them are developed, prototyped, simulated and analyzed. Twenty different 1-bit full-adder cells are constructed (most of them are novel circuits) by connecting(More)
Conventional distributed arithmetic (DA) is popular in application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design, and it features on-chip ROM to achieve high speed and regularity. In this paper, a new DA architecture called NEDA is proposed, aimed at reducing the cost metrics of power and area while maintaining high speed and accuracy in digital signal(More)
With scaling down to deep submicron and nanometer technologies, noise immunity is becoming a metric of the same importance as power, speed, and area. Smaller feature sizes, low voltage, and high frequency are the characteristics for deep submicron circuits. This paper proposes a low voltage noise tolerant XOR-XNOR gate with 8 transistors. The proposed gate(More)