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Faced with society's increasing expectations, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) review considers environmental management to be an ever more critical criterion in the allocation of farm subsidies. With the goal of evaluating the environmental friendliness of farm practices, France's agricultural research and extension services have built a range of(More)
This work proposes a new navigation device which autonomously handles the laparoscope, with a view to reducing latency and adjusting optics in real time. The system designed is an intuitive mechatronic device with three degrees of freedom and a sole active articulation. The device uses the point of insertion as the invariant point for navigation and has a(More)
The purpose of our work is to mine streaming data from a variety of hundreds of automotive sensors in order to develop methods to minimize driver distraction from in-vehicle communications and entertainment systems such as audio/video devices, cellphones, PDAs, Fax, eMail, and other messaging devices. Our endeavor is to create a safer driving environment,(More)
Non-invasive identity inference in the home environment is a very challenging problem. A practical solution to the problem could have far reaching implications in many industries, such as home entertainment. In this work, we consider the problem of identity inference using a TV remote control. In particular, we address two challenges that have so far(More)
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