Magdiel Ablan

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It is generally accepted that the Atlantic is one of the major controls on the precipitation regime in Venezuela. However, given the influence of ENSO events on nearby regions of South America, assessing the potential impact of the ENSO signal in Venezuela is warranted. The precipitation response to the warm phase of ENSO in South America corresponds to(More)
A multi-agent model of social and environmental complexity of deforestation was developed for the Caparo Forest Reserve, Venezuela. It includes three types of agents: settlers, government, and lumber concessionaires. Settlers represent people of limited economic resources that deforest and occupy reserve land to grow crops and eventually claim property(More)
This paper presents some preliminary results with a multi-agents modeling approach to understand the complexity of deforestation in tropical forests. The approach was applied to the study of the deforestation of the Caparo Forest Reserve, in the western part of Venezuela. The model includes, among others, the following types of agents: several instances of(More)
This article estimates the potential exposure of estuarine organisms to two pesticides (azinphosmethyl and fenvalerate) in a tidal stream of Leadenwah Creek near the Edisto River, South Carolina, during four runoff episodes. Exposure is calculated from simulation runs of the one-dimensional transport equation solved by an implicit finite difference method.(More)
This paper intends to characterise the land holding distributions in a Multi-Agent Based Simulation (MABS) model inspired by the Caparo Forest Reserve, in Venezuela. This forest has been highly intervened with and seriously altered by opportunistic, nomadic, land-seeking colonists. The distribution of land holding results from a process of land(More)
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