Magdi El-Guindi

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The use of biodegradable Transfix femoral fixation technique is a safe and well-accepted method when performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. We report on three cases of deformation and back out of the Bio-Transfix implant over the lateral, distal femoral cortex, with failure of the passing wire when advancing the graft into the femoral tunnel(More)
We describe three cases of fracture of the titanium JRI-Furlong hydroxyapatite-ceramic (HAC)-coated femoral component. We have examined previous case reports of failure of this stem and conclude that fracture may occur in two places, namely at the neck-shoulder junction and at the conical-distal cylindrical junction. These breakages are the result of(More)
Of 309 consecutive cases of epidural analgesia provided by obstetricians, 250 set up by junior obstetric staff. Midwives managed the epidural analgesia and gave the top-up doses as part of their traditional role in providing pain relief in labour. This practice was thought to be influential in producing a high sponn epidural analgesic service can safely be(More)
A 66-year-old man presented with an infected resurfacing hip replacement in the immediate post-operative period following an uneventful transurethral resection of the prostate. Prophylactic antibiotics had been administered on induction of anaesthesia. The hip prosthesis had been inserted seven years previously and had been hitherto asymptomatic. The hip(More)
Extrapulmonary manifestations of tuberculosis are reported in less than one in five cases with the knee affected in 8% after the spine and hip. We report a case of isolated highly erosive tuberculosis of the knee presenting in a previously fit Vietnamese woman. The difficulties of diagnosis, modalities of chemotherapeutic management, and surgical treatment(More)