Magdalena S Rosell

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Vegetarian diets do not contain meat, poultry or fish; vegan diets further exclude dairy products and eggs. Vegetarian and vegan diets can vary widely, but the empirical evidence largely relates to the nutritional content and health effects of the average diet of well-educated vegetarians living in Western countries, together with some information on(More)
Fatty acid composition of serum lipids and adipose tissue triacylglycerols (AT-TAG) partly reflect dietary fatty acid intake. The fatty acid composition is, besides the diet, also influenced by desaturating enzymes that can be estimated using product-to-precursor fatty acid ratios. The interrelationships between desaturase indices derived from different(More)
OBJECTIVE The metabolic syndrome predisposes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Oxidative stress and elevated circulating oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) concentrations are related to cardiovascular disease and proposed to be features of the metabolic syndrome. F2-isoprostanes are lipid peroxidation products and considered the most(More)
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