Magdalena S Richter

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The phenomenon of street children is generating increasing concern in South Africa. The number of street children has grown because of the current economic hardship in South Africa, increasing levels of violence and widespread family and community disruption. In terms of health, it is clear that street children may be vulnerable to a range of severe risks.(More)
Informal caregivers have long been used as health care providers. It is also not uncommon in present days, to see such practice in the community. This practice of caring normally occurs within the context of the family. The purpose of the study is to explore and describe the educational and supportive needs of informal caregivers. This will assist in(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the needs of high-risk antepartum patients while hospitalized and to generate recommendations from the patients' perspective. DESIGN Qualitative descriptive. PARTICIPANTS/SETTING Thirteen female patients in a high-risk antepartum unit of a large tertiary hospital, Edmonton, Alberta. DATA ANALYSIS A qualitative data analysis(More)
UNLABELLED Researchers who investigate social and economic determinants of health often interact with vulnerable and marginalized populations. Great care must be taken to conduct research studies involving vulnerable persons in a manner consistent with accepted ethical principles in order to protect participants from exploitation, to build capacity, and to(More)
BACKGROUND A multidisciplinary team of 20 researchers and research users from six countries - Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa - are collaborating on a 5-year (2007-12) program of research and capacity building project. This program of research situates nurses as leaders in building capacity and promotes collaborative action with(More)
Most of the South African public health facilities fail to provide adolescent-friendly health services. A quantitative, descriptive research study was conducted at Stinkwater, a rural area in Hammanskraal, South Africa. The objective of the study was to describe the adolescent's preferences regarding primary health care services. A survey was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND High income nations are currently exhibiting increasing ethno-cultural diversity which may present challenges for nursing practice. We performed an integrative review of literature published in North America and Europe between 1990 and 2007, to map the state of knowledge and to identify nursing assessment tools/models which are have an associated(More)
The major risks and sources of vulnerability, to which street children may be exposed, relate to shelter, safety and nutri­ tion. Specific health risks associated with untreated ill­ nesses and injuries, glue sniffing and sexual activities, are also threatening to them. In particular, street children are in danger from: • physical exposure to cold and damp,(More)
Quality control in perinatal education is imperative, with the purpose to deliver a high quality and appropriate healthcare service to the family in the perinatal period. The purpose of this study was to develop valid standards for perinatal education in South Africa. To reach this goal, the study proceeded as follows: Development phase concepts were(More)
Issues relating to confidentiality and consent for physical and mental health treatment with minor clients can pose challenges health care providers. Decisions need to be made regarding these issues despite the absence of clear, direct, or comprehensive policies and legislation. In order to fully understand the scope of this topic, a systemic review of(More)
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