Magdalena Popławska

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Over 560 new psychoactive substances have been detected via the European Union Early Warning System (EU-EWS) of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) between 2005 and 2015. Among them, 103 synthetic cathinones have been identified, which are the second largest group monitored by EMCDDA. National Medicines Institute in Poland(More)
Polygonum aviculare L. (Common Knotrgrass) (Polygonaceae Juss.) is an annual from which pharmacopoeial (Ph. Eur.) plant material Polygoni avicularis herba is obtained. Although its main active constituents are flavonoids and its standardization is based on their total content, no profound qualitative analysis has been performed, yet. The use of hyphenated(More)
Uraemic toxins-creatol and N-methylguanidine-are generated in conversion of creatinine in water in the presence of various forms of carbon such as fullerene C60, carbon-encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles, and multiwalled carbon nanotubes and oxygen. The conversion degree for creatinine was different for fullerene C60, CEMNPs, and MWCNTs and was 9% (3.6%(More)
The application of biomedical nanotechnology in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is expect to have a major impact leading to the development of new contrast drug candidates on the nanoscale (1-100 nm) that are able to react with specific biological targets at a molecular level. One of the major challenges in this regard is the construction of nanomaterials,(More)
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