Magdalena Pawlik

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BACKGROUND Vitamin D (VD), VD binding protein, VD receptor (VDR), and retinoids are involved in pathogenesis of chronic glomerulonephritis (ChGN). We aimed to compare distribution of VD pathway gene polymorphisms in ChGN patients showing glomerular filtration rate (GFR) category 1-3, GFR category 5D, and healthy controls in order to elucidate the role of(More)
Biological medical products are drugs whose active components are produced only by living, genetically modified organisms or live cell cultures. Patents and exclusivity for most biopharmaceuticals has either expired or will expire soon, which enables biotechnological companies to introduce similar biological products. The problem of replacing a biological(More)
Biodegradation tests with bacteria from activated sludge revealed the probable persistence of cyano-based ionic liquid anions when these leave waste water treatment plants. A possible biological treatment using bacteria capable of biodegrading similar compounds, namely cyanide and cyano-complexes, was therefore examined. With these bacteria from the genera(More)
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