Magdalena Palomares-Bayo

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A 6-mo longitudinal study of 48 hemodialysis patients (HPs) with chronic renal failure was performed. Three blood samplings were done. Samples of whole blood from each patient were collected during hemodialysis sessions after passing through the artificial kidney. Zinc and copper levels were measured by atomic absorption spectrometry. Additionally, 36(More)
In the present study, the first objective was to follow up serum selenium (Se) concentrations in 117 hemodialysis patients (HPs) during a 2-year longitudinal study, relating concentrations to biochemical indexes (n = 6; namely lipoprotein profile, uric acid, and total protein levels). It was also evaluated whether the disease is associated with an enhanced(More)
The objective of this study was to analyze serum Zn and Cu concentrations and Cu/Zn ratios in 116 hemodialysis patients (HPs) over a 2-year longitudinal study at four time points (6-month intervals). The relation exerted on these values by 26 biochemical and nutritional indexes, the age and drug consumption of the patients, and the etiology of their disease(More)
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