Magdalena Ola Cichocka

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Two-dimensional monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMdCs), driven by graphene science, revisit optical and electronic properties, which are markedly different from bulk characteristics. These properties are easily modified due to accessibility of all the atoms viable to ambient gases, and therefore, there is no guarantee that impurities and defects(More)
Whether and how fracture mechanics needs to be modified for small length scales and in systems of reduced dimensionality remains an open debate. Here, employing in situ transmission electron microscopy, atomic structures and dislocation dynamics in the crack tip zone of a propagating crack in two-dimensional (2D) monolayer MoS2 membrane are observed, and(More)
Graphene already has numerous applications in transmission electron microscopy. Here, we extend its application in electron microscopy by demonstrating its potential to stop electron induced desorption in nonconducting samples, where in essence charge build-up leads to surface atom desorption. Graphene films provide a conduction pathway to prevent charge(More)
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