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Isotopic investigation of human provenience at the eleventh century cemetery of Ndr. Grødbygård, Bornholm, Denmark
Bornholm is a Danish island almost in the center of the southern Baltic Sea. The strategic location of the island, its rich archeology, and its complex geology make it an intriguing location for the
Re-emerging Frontiers: Postcolonial Theory and Historical Archaeology of the Borderlands
The article considers the importance of frontier studies in historical archaeology and discusses applicability of some of the concepts deriving from postcolonial theories for a better understanding
Scandinavian Colonialism and the Rise of Modernity : Small Time Agents in a Global Arena
Introduction Colonialism and Swedish history - unthinkable connections? Black on white: Danish colonialism, Iceland, and the Caribbean Icelandic archaeology and the ambiguities of colonialism
Material Culture and Diasporic Experiences : A Case of Medieval Hanse Merchants in the Baltic
The Hanseatic League, a late medieval merchant association with roots in northern German towns, is credited with the establishment of extensive economic and geographic connections and considerable
Between Utopia and Dystopia: Colonial Ambivalence and Early Modern Perception of Sápmi
The northernmost regions of Fennoscandia attracted attention of travellers and geographers for centuries. These regions were often imagined in ambivalent terms as homelands of evil and dearth or as
Premodern Translocals: German Merchant Diaspora Between Kalmar and Northern German Towns (1250–1500)
This article explores translocal practices of German merchants settled in the late medieval town of Kalmar, Sweden. It focuses on the dual life of migrants, their simultaneous attachments to their
Multi-Ethnicity and Material Exchanges in Late Medieval Tallinn
This article examines the cultural and social dynamics of a multi-ethnic medieval town. Taking the lower town of Tallinn as a case study, this paper identifies the major urban ethnic groups living in
The Pursuit of Metals and the Ideology of Improvement in Early Modern Sápmi, Sweden
Abstract:The article examines the ideology of improvement in the context of seventeenth-and eighteenth-century mining in northern Sweden in the province of Sápmi. It discusses how the rhetoric of
Enchantment of the underground. Touring mines in early modern Sweden
ABSTRACT In the early modern period, mines were not only nodes of economic activity and playgrounds of technological invention but also sightseeing stops for curious travellers fascinated by the