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INTRODUCTION Self-medication can contribute to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in respiratory tract infections (RTI). This phenomenon has not been well described, particularly in Poland. The aim of our study was to describe the prevalence of antibiotic self-medication for RTI, to explore factors influencing antibiotic use without prescription, and to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the frequency and duration of sickness certificates issued by GPs to Polish and Norwegian working adults with acute cough/lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI). DESIGN Cross-sectional observational study with clinicians from nine primary care centres in Poland and 11 primary care centres in Norway. GPs filled out a case report form(More)
UNLABELLED Non-compliance is one of the leading reasons of therapy failure in case of antibiotherapy of respiratory tract infections in children. The organoleptic characteristic of the antibiotic suspension has strong influence on compliance in children. The aim of the present study was to compare taste and the other organoleptic factors of commonly(More)
OBJECTIVE In-depth knowledge of existing practice is required to inform interventions aimed at antibiotic prescribing quality improvement. We set out to describe the presentation, antimicrobial management and associated outcome of adults presenting in general practice with acute cough/lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) in Poland. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE. To explore whether frequency and duration of sick-leave certification for acute airway infections differ between general practitioners (GPs) in Poland and Norway. DESIGN. Cross-sectional survey. SETTING. Educational courses for GPs. Intervention. We used a questionnaire with four vignettes presenting patients with symptoms consistent with(More)
Cardiopulmonary support (CPS) requires durability of the oxygenator. The life span of the oxygenator is affected by various clinical factors, including patient condition, perfusion condition, and equipment usage. Predictors for the durability of oxygenators were evaluated clinically in this study. Thirty-two patients, who had undergone CPS during the last 3(More)
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