Magdalena Marta Bihun

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Primary dormancy in A. retroflexus seeds wascompletely broken by dry storage or ethylene treatment and partially removedwith GA3. Norbornadiene counteracted the dormancy breaking action ofethylene and GA3. The GA3 effect was lowered bycobaltous ions. ABA increased the ethylene requirement in primary dormant seeds.Dormant seeds had a similar or different(More)
Nondormant A. caudatus seeds germinated in the darkat temperatures between 20 and 35° but not at 45 °C.Incubation at this temperature for at least 10 h inhibited seedgermination over the temperature range 20 to 35 °C,temperatures previously suitable for germination. Thus incubation at 45°C induced secondary dormancy. Mechanical or chemicalscarification or(More)
Ethephon (Eth), gibberellin A3, A4 + 7 (GA3, GA4 + 7), and 6-benzyladenine (BA) removed secondary dormancy of Amaranthus caudatus seeds. The GAs and BA potentiated the effect of ethephon or 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC), an ethylene biosynthesis precursor, in terms of the rate or final percent of germination. Aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG), an(More)
For over ten years more and more significant role in the diagnostics and clinical treatment of marital infertility have been ascribed to the male factor, which accounts for 30-40% of infertility cases. One of the most common reasons of male infertility is varicocele. Between the years 1994-2000 transperitoneal laparoscopic varicocelectomy was performed in(More)
Elatine L. contains ca. 25 small, herbaceous, annual species distributed in ephemeral waters in both hemispheres. All species are amphibious and characterized by a high degree of morphological variability. The importance of seed morphology in Elatine taxonomy has been emphasized by many authors. The degree of seed curvature and seed coat reticulation have(More)
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