Magdalena K Baaske

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Premonitory urges are a cardinal feature in Tourette syndrome and are commonly viewed as the driving force of tics, building up before and subsiding after the execution of tics. Although the urge-tic interplay is one of the most preeminent features in Tourette syndrome, the temporal relationship between tics and urges has never been examined experimentally,(More)
In 56 male hypertensive patients a complex cardiopulmonary functional diagnosis was performed in rest and under ergometer load. The total functional capacity of the hypertensive patients is decreased already in the early stage and also in juvenile age, compared with healthy persons. Furthermore disturbances of the regulations of the minute output of the(More)
OBJECTIVE A clinical feature in patients with ADCY5 gene mutations are perioral muscle twitches initially described as facial myokymia. METHODS Five patients with ADCY5-associated disease with facial twitches and truncal jerks underwent electrophysiological investigations of the orbicularis oris and trapezius muscles to delineate neurophysiological(More)
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