Magdalena Guardiola

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The allochthonous calcarean sponge Paraleucilla magna has proliferated in the western Mediterranean during the last decade, where it currently shows a highly patchy distribution with dense populations in the neighboring of sea farms and slightly eutrophised marinas, and more sparse populations in well-preserved habitats. To gain knowledge about the species(More)
Marine sediments are home to one of the richest species pools on Earth, but logistics and a dearth of taxonomic work-force hinders the knowledge of their biodiversity. We characterized α- and β-diversity of deep-sea assemblages from submarine canyons in the western Mediterranean using an environmental DNA metabarcoding. We used a new primer set targeting a(More)
We assessed spatio-temporal patterns of diversity in deep-sea sediment communities using metabarcoding. We chose a recently developed eukaryotic marker based on the v7 region of the 18S rRNA gene. Our study was performed in a submarine canyon and its adjacent slope in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, sampled along a depth gradient at two different(More)
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