Magdalena Graczyk

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Several experiments aimed to apply recently proposed statistical procedures which are recommended for analysing multiple 1×n and n×n comparisons of machine learning algorithms were conducted. 11 regression algorithms comprising 5 deterministic and 6 neural network ones implemented in the data mining system KEEL were employed. All experiments were performed(More)
The experiments aimed to compare machine learning algorithms to create models for the valuation of residential premises, implemented in popular data mining systems KEEL, RapidMiner and WEKA, were carried out. Six common methods comprising two neural network algorithms, two decision trees for regression, and linear regression and support vector machine were(More)
The experiments aimed to compare three methods to create ensemble models implemented in a popular data mining system WEKA, were carried out. Six common algorithms comprising two neural network algorithms, two decision trees for regression, and linear regression and support vector machine were used to generate individual committees. All algorithms were(More)
Several experiments were conducted in order to investigate the usefulness of mixture of experts (ME) approach to an online internet system assisting in real estate appraisal. All experiments were performed using 28 realworld datasets composed of data taken from a cadastral system and GIS data derived from a cadastral map. The analysis of the results was(More)
The multi-agent system for real estate appraisals MAREA was extended to include aggregating agents, which are equipped with heuristic optimization algorithms and can create heterogeneous ensemble models, was presented in the paper. The major part of the study was devoted to investigate the predictive accuracy of heterogeneous ensembles comprising fuzzy(More)
The purpose of the report was to describe a case of anaphylactic shock in a 22-year-old woman after administration of one tablet of metamizole (pyralginum-Polfa). The patient died, notwithstanding intensive treatment applied rapidly. The patient had been treated for bronchial asthma for a few years. There had been no side effects after repeated(More)
Composite examinations of 116 persons, employees of Phosphate Fertilizers Plant in Gdańsk, with an average length of service ca. 15 years, were carried out. It was found that the frequency of occurrence of the chronic non-specific diseases of the lungs was not higher than in other works where dust and gaseous hazards of respiratory tract occur. However, at(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate results of our surgical treatment of advanced neoplasms of the floor of the mouth, treated from 2005-2011 in Department of Otolaryngology and Department of Plastic Surgery Medical University of Gdańsk MATERIAL We analyzed group of 12 patients (aged 36 to 70 years, mean 55) treated by primary surgical excision of(More)