Magdalena Gajewsky

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The concept of rule-based modiication developed in the area of algebraic graph transformations and high-level replacement systems has recently shown to be a powerful concept for vertical stucturing of Petri nets. This includes low-level and high-level Petri nets, especially algebraic high-level nets which can be considered as an integration of algebraic(More)
Our approach of rule-based reenement 1 provides a formal description for the stepwise system development based on Petri nets. Rules with a left-hand and a right-hand side allow replacing subnets in a given algebraic high-level net system. The extension of these rules supports the preservation of system properties. In this paper we extend the preservation of(More)
The application of the general theory of high-level replacement systems has proven to be most rewarding in many diierent areas, especially in Petri nets EGPP99]. In this paper the extension of high-level replacement systems to reenement morphisms Pad99] is applied to place/transition nets. The combination of morphisms, that preserve safety properties, with(More)
The concept of abstract data types and the corresponding series of ADT-workshops have been most fruitful for the development of algebraic speciication techniques within the last two decades. Since abstract data types by now are well-established in all areas of Computer Science and algebraic speciication techniques go far beyond their classical roots of(More)
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