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Integrating multiple soil and disease management practices may improve crop productivity and disease control, but potential interactions and limitations need to be determined. Three different potential disease-suppressive management practices, including a Brassica napus (rapeseed) green manure rotation crop, conifer-based compost amendment, and three(More)
Spreading reproduction across time or space can optimize fitness by minimizing the risks for offspring survival in varying and unpredictable environments. Poison frogs (Dendrobatidae) are characterized by complex spatial and reproductive behaviour, such as territoriality, prolonged courtship and parental care. The partitioning of larvae from terrestrial(More)
Although composts are commonly used soil amendments in a variety of production systems, literature reports on the effects of compost on soil properties are inconsistent. This study examined three mature composts, two immature composts, and one commercial compost produced by combining highly decomposed material with fresher material; all were produced from(More)
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