Magdalena Constantin

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We present a simple microscopic model to show how fluctuating two-level systems in a Josephson junction tunnel barrier of thickness L can modify the potential energy of the barrier and produce critical current noise spectra. We find low frequency 1/f noise that goes as L5. Our values are in good agreement with recent experimental measurements of critical(More)
Spatial persistent large deviations probability of surface growth processes governed by the Edwards-Wilkinson dynamics, Px(x,s), with -1< or =s< or =1 is mapped isomorphically onto the temporal persistent large deviations probability Pt(t,s) associated with the stochastic Markovian random walk problem. We show using numerical simulations that the infinite(More)
Plants possess biological and operational attributes that have encouraged geneticists to use them extensively in the development of fundamental genetic concepts. Attributes such as regenerative plasticity, high fecundity, cultural adaptability, range of ploidy, economics of culture and maintenance of specific populations, and versatility make plant genetic(More)
We investigate the dynamics of a generalized survival probability S(t,R) defined with respect to an arbitrary reference level R (rather than the average) in equilibrium step fluctuations. The exponential decay at large time scales of the generalized survival probability is numerically analyzed. S(t,R) is shown to exhibit simple scaling behavior as a(More)
The development of fully differentiated plants from individual pollen grains through a series of developmental phases that resemble embryogenesis beginning with the zygote was demonstrated during the mid-1960's. This technology opened the door to the use of haploid plants (sporophytes with the gametic number of chromosomes) for plant breeding and genetic(More)
We report the results of numerical investigations of the steady-state (SS) and finite-initial-conditions (FIC) spatial persistence and survival probabilities for (1+1) -dimensional interfaces with dynamics governed by the nonlinear Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation and the linear Edwards-Wilkinson (EW) equation with both white (uncorrelated) and colored(More)
Persistence probabilities of the interface height in ( 1+1 ) - and ( 2+1 ) -dimensional atomistic, solid-on-solid, stochastic models of surface growth are studied using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, with emphasis on models that belong to the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) universality class. Both the initial transient and the long-time steady-state regimes(More)
The persistence behavior for fluctuating steps on the Si(111)-(sqrt[3]xsqrt[3])R30 degrees -Al surface was determined by analyzing time-dependent STM images for temperatures between 770 and 970 K. Using the standard persistence definition, the measured persistence probability displays power-law decay with an exponent of theta=0.77+/-0.03. This is consistent(More)
The Saffman-Taylor viscous fingering problem is investigated for the displacement of a non-Newtonian fluid by a Newtonian one in a radial Hele-Shaw cell. We execute a mode-coupling approach to the problem and examine the morphology of the fluid-fluid interface in the weak shear limit. A differential equation describing the early nonlinear evolution of the(More)
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