Magdalena Balcerak Jackson

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STUDY DESIGN The electromyogram (EMG) from the in vivo feline L1 to the L7 multifidus was recorded during the application of a 20-minute static lumbar flexion and after 7 hours of rest. OBJECTIVE To determine the recovery of tension-relaxation and laxity in the lumbar viscoelastic structures as well as the recovery of reflexive EMG activity in the(More)
This essay concerns the question of how we make genuine epistemic progress through conceptual analysis. Our way into this issue will be through consideration of the paradox of analysis. The paradox challenges us to explain how a given statement can make a substantive contribution to our knowledge, even while it purports merely to make explicit what one's(More)
Total quality management (TQM) which has been implemented for some time in industry and more recently in hospitals is just beginning to come to long term care organizations. Directors of Nursing can prepare themselves for such a program in their facility by learning from the experience of long term care facilities that have implemented TQM. This is part one(More)
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