Magdala de Araújo Novaes

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This paper describes a system that has been developed to support Telemedicine activities in Brazil, a country that has serious problems in the delivery of health services. The system is a part of the broader Tele-health Project that has been developed to make health services more accessible to the low-income population in the northeast region. The HealthNet(More)
OBJECTIVE This study describes and analyzes a telehealth strategy for Family Health Teams (FHTs) providing primary care services. This strategy aimed to increase the adherence to the treatment of hypertension. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We conducted a before-after study that enrolled 21 professionals and 502 hypertensive patients in two of the Family Health(More)
This paper presents the basis of the Agile Governance in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is based on Agile Software Engineering Methodologies principles and values. Its development was done through a systematic review process, supported by Bibliometrics and Scientometrics methods and techniques, where the Critical Success Factors (CSF)(More)
Standardization of second opinion question-answer pairs with a classification system can be used to facilitate data sharing and reuse. The Brazilian telehealth program faces the problem of representing biomedical knowledge from the primary care second opinion demands generated by rural health care teams. The objective is to determine if one of the medical(More)
With the consolidation of PACS and RIS systems, the development of algorithms for tissue segmentation and diseases detection have intensely evolved in recent years. These algorithms have advanced to improve its accuracy and specificity, however, there is still some way until these algorithms achieved satisfactory error rates and reduced processing time to(More)
Recently has grown the development of Computer-aided Detection Systems - CAD to improve the diagnosis of diseases identifying it at the initials stages using medical images. In this work is made a analysis of the performance of an algorithm for lung region extraction in computed tomography exams - CT. The implementation was made in MATLAB and applied to 9(More)