Magdala de Araújo Novaes

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The sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) exerts a key role on the excitation-contraction coupling process in the myocardium. Since the relation between the volume of cellular organelles, such as SR, and the sarcolemmal area of myocytes is not uniform in myocardial hypertrophy of different etiologies, we compared the contractile performances of hypertrophied left(More)
Contractility changes and adaptive responses resulting from acute left ventricular (LV) myocardial infarction are not restricted to the LV myocardium. The reduced LV function increased the right ventricular (RV) pressure load and neurohumoral factors, activated by the infarction
This paper presents the basis of the Agile Governance in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is based on Agile Software Engineering Methodologies principles and values. Its development was done through a systematic review process, supported by Bibliometrics and Scientometrics methods and techniques, where the Critical Success Factors (CSF)(More)
The effects of chronic propranolol (Prop) therapy on the postinfarction myocardial hypertrophy of infarcted rats were studied by histological techniques. Male albino rats were submitted to left coronary artery ligation to produce infarction or to sham surgery (Con, N = 6). Infarcted rats (Inf) were divided into 2 groups receiving Prop (2.5 mg/kg, twice a(More)
– This paper presents a complete study case of a Distributed Software Development, supported by the SCRUM agile methodology. This study case was conducted by setting up a Software Factory to develop a Multimedia Library, a system for sharing learning objects used by the telemedicine and telehealth projects of the Center of Telehealth at UFPE. Introdução(More)
This paper describes a system that has been developed to support Telemedicine activities in Brazil, a country that has serious problems in the delivery of health services. The system is a part of the broader Tele-health Project that has been developed to make health services more accessible to the low-income population in the northeast region. The HealthNet(More)
We evaluated a tele-education programme for primary care staff in Pernambuco State, Brazil. During 2008 and 2009, tele-education sessions occurred four times each week for one hour per day. The topics included public health, child and adolescent health, mental health and nursing. After each session, participants completed an evaluation questionnaire. A(More)