Magdaléna Dvořáková

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Laterality is a developmental (not pathological) deviation in shape functional symmetry of paired motor and sensory organs. As it is one of the most specific features of the human being, great attention is paid to it during recent decades. These problems are important also form the point of view of findings of laterality changes in schizophrenics. The(More)
Several studies have indicated that patients with bipolar disorder (BD) who respond well to lithium prophylaxis constitute a biologically distinct subgroup. Lithium is thought to stabilize mood by acting at the phosphoinositide cycle. We have investigated a polymorphism located in the gene (PLCG1) that codes for a gamma-1 isozyme of phospholipase (PLC), an(More)
We have studied the gender and family history differences with regard to age of onset of schizophrenia. These differences have often been viewed as an important clue to the aetiology of the illness. Patients from three centres in Europe and Canada were included in the study. A sample of 1089 subjects was categorized according to the subject's sex, family(More)
The authors examined 29 patients with endogenous psychosis (incl. 25 suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and four suffering from bipolar psychosis diagnosed according to DSM III criteria) with the aim to reveal the relationship of hitherto little studied HLA-DR antigens and the psychotic disease. Moreover, the passesed in the group also the ration of(More)
We determined 27 histocompatibility antigens of A, B, and C locus with a standard lymphocyte cytotoxicity test in 125 patients suffering from primary affective disorders, 77 of bipolar type, 24 of unipolar type, and 24 with schizo-affective psychosis. Comparison with a normal control group showed significant increases in the frequencies of antigens Bw40 and(More)
Serum melatonin rhythm was studied in 6 human subjects experiencing short winter days resembling light/dark (LD) 8:16 h and in 6 subjects exposed at the same time to a long, LD 16:8 h skeleton photoperiod, with 3 h of bright light in the evening and again in the morning; 4 out of the 6 subjects entrained to the simulated summer photoperiod within 3 days. In(More)
In a study with healthy volunteers (6 monozygotic and 4 dizygotic twin pairs) we followed up diazepam serum levels and psychotropic effects of diazepam after single-dose administration. We found that pharmacokinetic properties of diazepam as well as its influence on memory and performance are probably not under genetic control. On the other hand, genetic(More)