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L-type calcium channels mediate the persistent inward current underlying plateau potentials in spinal motoneurons. Electrophysiological analysis shows that plateau potentials are generated by a persistent inward current mediated by low threshold L-type calcium channels located in the dendrites. As motoneurons express L-type calcium channels of the CaV1.2(More)
We investigated whether neurotrophin-4 (NT-4) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) affected the reinnervation of slow and fast motor units. Neurotrophin-impregnated or plain fibronectin (FN) conduits were inserted into a sciatic nerve gap. Fast extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and slow soleus muscles were collected 4 months postsurgery. Muscles were(More)
Skeletal muscle is able to respond to a range of stimuli, including stretch and increased load, by increasing in diameter and length in the absence of myofiber division. This type of cellular growth (hypertrophy) is a highly complex process involving division of muscle precursor cells (myoblasts) and their fusion to existing muscle fibers as well as(More)
In response to extended periods of stretch, skeletal muscle typically exhibits cell hypertrophy associated with sustained increases in mRNA and protein synthesis. Several soluble hypertrophic agonists have been identified, yet relatively little is known as to how mechanical load is converted into intracellular signals regulating gene expression or how(More)
Explant cultures from the spinal cord of adult turtles were established and used to study the sensitivity of the intrinsic response properties of motoneurons to the changes in connectivity and milieu imposed by isolation in culture. Transverse sections 700 microm thick were explanted on cover slips and maintained in roller-tube cultures in medium containing(More)
The use of bioresorbable conduits supplemented with Schwann cells (SCs) is a promising tissue engineering technique to replace nerve grafting. Alginate hydrogel (AH), as a SC tissue engineering matrix, has many advantages over previously used matrices but has not been evaluated for this purpose. In this study, the viability and proliferation of SCs together(More)
Delivery of neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) to severed sciatic nerves results in specific normalization of atrophied fast 2b gastrocnemius muscle fibres, and promotes preferential neuromuscular junction maturation of fast extensor digitorum longus (EDL). To investigate the selective influence on fast muscle reinnervation due to NT-3 delivery, we analyzed tyrosine(More)
Previous studies of gastrocnemius muscle reinnervation showed specific normalization of the proportion and diameter of fast type 2b muscle fibres following NT-3 delivery to the proximal stump of the cut sciatic nerve. Here, we investigate if normalization was related to greater improvement of muscle reinnervation of fast (extensor digitorum longus; EDL)(More)
A number of significant challenges face graduate mental health nurses entering the workforce. In response, Transition to Practice programs have been promoted as a potential strategy for improving recruitment and retention within the mental health system. This review explores the experience of transition for mental health nurse graduates and identifies key(More)
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