Magda B. Fayek

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A new class of biometrics based upon ear features was introduced for use in the development of passive identification. This paper presents an efficient technique for automatic ear detection from side face images. The proposed technique detects human's ear without any training or assumption of prior knowledge about the input image, and it does not need any(More)
Traditional keyword based search is found to have some limitations. Such as word sense ambiguity, and the query intent ambiguity which can hurt the precision. Semantic search uses the contextual meaning of terms in addition to the semantic matching techniques in order to overcome these limitations. This paper introduces a query expansion approach using an(More)
A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a collection of smart sensor nodes cooperated together for achieving the desire of the assigned application. However, these nodes suffer from different limitations including memory available, computational and communicational limitations. Clustering these nodes is considered as one of the main solutions for prolonging the(More)
This paper presents a fast and simple method for human action recognition. The proposed technique relies on detecting interest points using SIFT (scale invariant feature transform) from each frame of the video. A fine-tuning step is used here to limit the number of interesting points according to the amount of details. Then the popular approach Bag of Video(More)
Several attempts have been made to enhance PSO performance by combining it with a local search method. Following the same track, we present in this paper local search in PSO performed by smaller independent swarms of PSO producing PSO2. Different modifications are made to help basic PSO2 enhance performance. PSO2-RS and PSO2-SA are 2 modified versions of(More)
Extrinsic plagiarism detection gathered the attention of many researchers lately. Plagiarism process began to be more and more difficult to be detected due to appearance of other sophisticated plagiarism approaches other than direct copy and paste such as (phrase rephrasing, word shuffling, semantic substitution, etc...). In this paper, we present RDI(More)
Recently, an increasing number of smart phone users are eagerly using the cellular network in extensive data applications. In particular, multimedia downloads generated by Internet-capable smart phones and other portable devices (such as iPad) have been widely recognized as the major source for strains in cellular networks, to a degree where service quality(More)
Evolving strategies is one of the fields where GA has gained much acceptance. Fitness of a candidate chromosome is calculated relative to other candidates by allowing it to compete against a certain fitness test-bed selected from an infinitely large search space. Two questions arise: How to select the test-bed and how can we tell that an optimum candidate(More)