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A Colombian girl was born with linear verrucous lesions of the right forearm and fingers, hypopigmented bands and streaks on the right arm, verrucous plaques on the right labium majus which extended to the right upper inner thigh, a crooked right tibia, nasal septum deviation to the right, lumbar kyphoscoliosis to the right, and other right-sided(More)
Plasma lipids of male golden Syrian hamsters fed diets supplemented with 15% (w/w) rose hip, sunflower, olive, or coconut oils during four weeks were assessed. The results confirm the saturated fat hyperlipidemic effect on golden Syrian hamsters fed with the olive oil and coconut oil, reaching the highest triglyceride levels. The monounsaturated (olive oil)(More)
Patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) are continuously exposed to hyperkalemia. In these patients the extrarenal disposal of a potassium load may be very important to determine the plasma potassium levels. We studied the effect of a combined oral load of potassium (0.5 mEq/kg body weight) and carbohydrate (0.5 g/kg body weight) to mimic normal ingestion(More)
BACKGROUND To develop a protocol for obtaining autologous platelet rich plasma in healthy individuals and to determine the concentration of five major growth factors before platelet activation. This protocol could be integrated into the guidelines of good clinical practice and research in regenerative medicine. METHODS Platelet rich plasma was isolated by(More)
Homotopic grafts supplemented with nerve growth factor (NGF) speed the recovery from learning deficits observed following electrolytic lesions of the insular cortex in rats. NGF also reduces the time in which the activity of choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) is first detected inside the graft by histochemical techniques. It is not known whether this(More)
A group of ten patients suffering cirrhosis who were treated with 100 U/l of calcitonin was studied with the aim of knowing whether in patients with cirrhosis the calcitonin is able to provoke the usual characteristic biologic modifications on the basis of the knowledge of their hormonal high levels accompanied of oesteopenia. Regarding their baseline(More)
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