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The high throughput characterization of protein N-termini is becoming an emerging challenge in the proteomics and proteogenomics fields. The present study describes the free N-terminome analysis of human mitochondria-enriched samples using trimethoxyphenyl phosphonium (TMPP) labelling approaches. Owing to the extent of protein import and cleavage for(More)
The study of the N-terminome and the precise identification of proteolytic processing events are key in biology. Dedicated methodologies have been developed as the comprehensive characterization of the N-terminome can hardly be achieved by standard proteomics methods. In this context, we have set up a trimethoxyphenyl phosphonium (TMPP) labeling approach(More)
Human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (mt-aaRSs) are encoded in the nucleus, synthesized in the cytosol and targeted for importation into mitochondria by a N-terminal mitochondrial targeting sequence. This targeting sequence is presumably cleaved upon entry into the mitochondria, following a process still not fully deciphered in human, despite(More)
UNLABELLED Individual response to an immune challenge results from the optimization of a trade-off between benefits and costs of immune cell activation. Age-related immune disorders may have several mechanistic bases, from immune cell defects to chronic pro-inflammatory status and oxidative imbalance, but we are still lacking experimental data showing the(More)
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