Magali M. Le Goff

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PURPOSE To determine whether the co-injection of extracellular matrix degrading enzymes improves retinal transduction following intravitreal delivery of adeno-associated virus-2 (AAV2). METHODS AAV2 containing cDNA encoding enhanced green fluorescent protein (GFP), under the control of a chicken β-actin promoter, was delivered by intravitreal injection to(More)
Opticin is an extracellular matrix glycoprotein that we identified associated with the collagen network of the vitreous humor of the eye. Recently, we discovered that opticin possesses anti-angiogenic activity using a murine oxygen-induced retinopathy model: here, we investigate the underlying mechanism. Using an ex vivo chick chorioallantoic membrane(More)
Recently, several groups have published new information regarding the origins and structure of the vitreous humour, and the inner limiting lamina (ILL) of the retina. This short article provides an overview of this new information. It is proposed that vitreous proteins are derived from several different cell types with the posterior half of the(More)
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