Magali Kreutzfeldt

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According to the ideomotor principle, action preparation involves the activation of associations between actions and their effects. However, there is only sparse research on the role of action effects in saccade control. Here, participants responded to lateralized auditory stimuli with spatially compatible saccades toward peripheral targets (e.g., a rhombus(More)
Reduced congruency effects after a preceding incongruent trial suggest a conflict-monitoring process, which reactively triggers the recruitment of attentional control in subsequent trials. In the present study, we assessed this sequential modulation of crossmodal congruency effects separately in two different tasks. Participants performed a location(More)
Crossmodal selective attention was investigated in a cued task switching paradigm using bimodal visual and auditory stimulation. A cue indicated the imperative modality. Three levels of spatial S-R associations were established following perceptual (location), structural (numerical), and conceptual (verbal) set-level compatibility. In Experiment 1,(More)
Whereas working under constrained postures is known to influence the worker's perceived comfort and health, little is known in regard to its influence on performance. Employing an Auditory Simon task while varying posture, we investigated the relationship between constrained postures and cognitive processes in three experiments. In Experiment 1 and 2,(More)
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