Magali Humbert

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We have purified and characterized a 31-kDa protein named mapmodulin that binds to the microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) MAP2, MAP4, and tau. Mapmodulin binds free MAPs in strong preference to microtubule-associated MAPs, and appears to do so via the MAP's tubulin-binding domain. Mapmodulin inhibits the initial rate of MAP2 binding to microtubules, a(More)
In acute promyelocytic leukemia, granulocytic differentiation is arrested at the promyelocyte stage. The variant t(11;17) translocation produces two fusion proteins, promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger-retinoic acid receptor α (PLZF-RARα) and RARα-PLZF, both of which participate in leukemia development. Here we provide evidence that the activity of(More)
Oncogenic transcription factors are commonly activated in acute leukemias and subvert normal gene expression networks to reprogram hematopoietic progenitors into preleukemic stem cells, as exemplified by LIM-only 2 (LMO2) in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL). Whether or not these oncoproteins interfere with other DNA-dependent processes is largely(More)
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