Magali Gutiérrez

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This study aims to assess the diversity of campylobacteria (Campylobacter and Arcobacter) in human fecal samples from patients with diarrhea (n = 140) and asymptomatic controls (n = 116) in Chile, using a combination of traditional culture and molecular methods. The culture methods detected campylobacteria in 10.7% of the patients with diarrhea and in 1.7%(More)
After the diagnosis of two cases of microsporidial intestinal infection in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, we have started looking for this parasite in HIV-infected patients with chronic unexplained diarrhea. We have studied 13 patients from Hospital Evandro Chagas, IOC-FIOCRUZ. Fecal specimens from these patients were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidia(More)
BACKGROUND A massive transfusion protocol may offer major advantages for management of postpartum hemorrhage. The etiology of postpartum hemorrhage, transfusion outcomes and laboratory indices in obstetric cases requiring the massive transfusion protocol were retrospectively evaluated in a tertiary obstetric center. METHODS We reviewed medical records of(More)
INTRODUCTION The progress of effective therapies for stroke has become a challenging task for both researchers and clinicians. Some pitfalls in clinical trials might have their origins in the pre-clinical experimental ischaemic models for the evaluation of potential neuro-protective agents. METHODS We aim to standardise the methods for the development of(More)
Ultraviolet recall or sunburn reactivation is an uncommon phenomenon that has been most frequently reported in patients who suffered sunburns and then subsequently underwent therapy with methotrexate. There are very few cases in which antibiotics are involved. We report a case of ultraviolet recall occurring after ampicillin therapy. Our patient suffered(More)
A new case with distinctive features of Schwartz-Jampel syndrome is reported, which makes the patient number 28 after reviewing world literature on the subject. Clinical, genetic, neurophysiological and pathological point of view is studied. The myotonic discharges which the patient presented while resting, did not diminish either with general anesthesia or(More)
Twenty-one cases of "Haemophilus influenzae" meningitis occurred over a seven year period. An ampicillin-resistant strain was isolated in three (14,2%), but the percentage of ampicillin-resistant strains rose to 33% over the last two years, in meningitis and to 38% in all patients whose blood or CSF grew "Haemophilus influenzae". One case (4,7%) had severe(More)
Eighty four cases of meningococcal infections are reviewed. Fifty seven cases presented themselfs as meningococcal meningitis, twelve cases as sepsis with moderate hypotension and 15 cases were sepsis with septic shock. A brief course of the disease, shock, echymosis, absence of meningeal signs, leucopenia and intravascular coagulation were findings more(More)
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