Magali Gunther

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The two-hybrid system was used to isolate cDNA clones encoding polypeptides that interact with the N-terminal region (activation domains A, B and C) of the Sp1 transcription factor. Among the 65 collected clones, 43 contained cDNA fragments with open reading frames. They corresponded to 13 genes encoding proteins of known function and to 15 genes, the(More)
Clones of cells tumorigenic or nontumorigenic in nude mice have been previously isolated from the SW613-S human colon carcinoma cell line. We have already reported that tumorigenic cells overexpress the cytokeratin 18 (K18) gene in comparison with nontumorigenic cells and that this difference is mainly due to a transcriptional regulation. We now report that(More)
The keratin 18 (K18) gene is overexpressed in cells of tumorigenic clones isolated from the SW613-S human colon carcinoma cell line, compared to cells of nontumorigenic clones. The isolated minimal promoter (TATA box and initiation site) of the K18 gene has by itself a differential activity in tumorigenic and nontumorigenic cells. An Sp1 binding site(More)
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