Magali Estrada

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The threshold voltage value, which is the most important electrical parameter in modeling MOSFETs, can be extracted from either measured drain current or capacitance characteristics, using a single or more transistors. Practical circuits based on some of the most common methods are available to automatically and quickly measure the threshold voltage. This(More)
The presence of a deformation or hump in the subthreshold region of the transfer characteristic of Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor (AOS) Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) has been observed after DC stress and related to different causes. In previous works, it has been shown that in devices with active-layer thickness greater than 120 nm, a region with relatively(More)
During the last years, high-k dielectrics have been studied intensively looking for an alternative material to replace the SiO 2 films as gate dielectric in MOS transistors. Different materials and structures have been proposed. An important concern not yet solved, is the interfacial quality between high-k materials and silicon substrate. For this reason,(More)