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SUMMARY The IRMa toolbox provides an interactive application to assist in the validation of Mascot search results. It allows automatic filtering of Mascot identification results as well as manual confirmation or rejection of individual PSM (a match between a fragmentation mass spectrum and a peptide). Dynamic grouping and coherence of information are(More)
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes kill target cells via the polarized secretion of cytotoxic granules at the immune synapse. The lytic granules are initially recruited around the polarized microtubule-organizing center. In a dynein-dependent transport process, the granules move along microtubules toward the microtubule-organizing center in the minus-end direction.(More)
An experiment was conducted to examine the stability of the anti-phase and in-phase modes of coordination by means of both fluctuations and relaxation times. Participants (n=6) performed a rhythmic bimanual forearm coordination task that required them to oscillate their forearms in-phase and anti-phase while grasping two manipulanda at fixed frequencies(More)
Effects of anxiety on perceptual-motor organisation of rhythmical forearm movements were examined using an interrupted time series design with staggered baselines. Participants were exposed to repeated baseline sessions interrupted with two anxiety-inducing sessions. Results showed that under moderate levels of anxiety, determined from CSAI-2 and heart rate(More)
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