Magali Brunet

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Electrochemical capacitors, also called supercapacitors, store energy in two closely spaced layers with opposing charges, and are used to power hybrid electric vehicles, portable electronic equipment and other devices. By offering fast charging and discharging rates, and the ability to sustain millions of cycles, electrochemical capacitors bridge the gap(More)
The integration of passive components on silicon for future dc-dc converter applications is still a challenging area of research. This paper reports the microfabrication of a fully integrated filter containing a spiral inductor on top of a 3-D capacitor. A thin magnetic shielding layer is introduced between the two components demonstrating that losses(More)
This paper deals with the design and the realization of an integrated isolated HF dc-to-dc converter for low-voltage and low-power conditioning applications (3.3 V and 1 W) including galvanic isolation. It is based on the 3-D integration of several elementary silicon dies in which essential components such as the inverter, the rectifier, the HF transformer,(More)
This letter reports low-field wide-tunable interdigitated barium strontium titanate (BST) capacitors. The capacitors consisting of BST thin film dielectric, silicon substrate, and gold metallization have been fabricated. The capacitance exhibits 0.2 pF at zero-bias and shows a tunability of 63% with an applied electric field of 1.4 V/mum. This corresponds(More)
This paper presents the state-of-the-art technologies currently used to produce high-density integrated capacitors for power systems on-chip applications. The use of high-k dielectrics and 3-D patterning of silicon for reaching high specific capacitance is reviewed. Integrating capacitors monolithically on the active chip or in package of power systems is(More)
The integration of passive components on silicon for future DC-DC converters applications is still a challenging area of research. This paper focuses on integrated 3D capacitors with high capacitance density fabricated with microfabrication techniques on silicon and in particular DRIE. The fabricated prototypes were characterised: a capacitance density(More)
The inkjet deposition technology turns out to be interesting in various applications when one attempts to reduce manufacturing costs, simplify technological steps, and implement materials that could not be deposited in any other way. One of the limitations however, is the issue raised by resolution which is directly linked to the ejection head manufacturing(More)
Ferrite-based micro-inductors integrated on silicon are proposed as potential hybrid integration in low-power medium frequency DC-DC power converters. The inductors are fabricated at wafer level using micromachining and flip chip assembling techniques. The proposed process is based on a sintered ferrite core placed in between thick electroplated copper(More)
In this work we studied some possible high voltage MOSFETs structures that can replace the IGBT in the railway traction converters. In this purpose, some high voltage power MOS structures are presented and theoretically compared using 2D simulations. Simulations results show that the DT-UMOSFET should be a good challenger to the 1200 Volts IGBT. Moreover,(More)
This paper presents a brief overview of the monolithic integration in the field of power electronics. Emphasis is mainly put on the functional integration concept. The role that this mode of integration, according to its classical definition, played to enable the monolithic integration of the power device with auxiliary elements (mainly protections and(More)