Magali Besse

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In this work, Ti–23Nb–0.7Ta–2Zr (TNTZ) and gum metal Ti–23Nb–0.7Ta–2Zr–1.2O (TNTZ-O) alloys were synthesized by cold crucible levitation melting with the objective of investigating the influence of oxygen on the deformation mechanisms. By tensile tests, electron backscatter diffraction, atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy analyses,(More)
Dislocation slip is investigated in a metastable  titanium alloy with the Ti-23Nb-0.7Ta-2Zr0.4Si composition (at. %) by in situ straining experiments in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). Moving dislocations have a/2<111> Burgers vectors and glide in {110}, {112} or {123} planes. The mobility of screw dislocations is lowered by punctual defects and(More)
The propagation constant of rectangular waveguides partially loaded with different n-germanium slabs placed on various isotropic substrates and subjected to a magnetic induction B parallel to the dielectric-semiconductor interface are computed by Sche¿lkunoff's method with a twelvemode approximation. These devices exhibit nonreciprocal properties.(More)
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