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OBJECTIVES The goal of the present study was to determine the repeatability of gait parameters measured by a force plate gait analysis system (Leonardo Mechanograph® GW). METHODS Fifteen healthy adult participants walked at a self-selected speed on a 10 m long walkway. Vertical ground reaction forces were measured in the central 6 m of the walkway. Each(More)
The behaviour of a class of autocatalytic systems with intermediates has been studied. A general chemical model has been derived, and the corresponding kinetic differential equations have been studied by both analytical and numerical methods. Two special cases were investigated in more detail: a competitive model, closely related to the second order Schlögl(More)
We present a rare complication of abdominal liposuction: bowel perforation and necrotizing fasciitis. Because of bilateral lumbar hernia, a 56-year-old woman had caecum and descending colon perforation during lipoplasty. She had septic shock syndrome at her admission. The authors treated this complex wound with several debridement, omental flap, NPWT and(More)
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