Mafalda Nina

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Prostaglandin H2 synthases (PGHS-1 and -2) are monotopic peripheral membrane proteins that catalyse the synthesis of prostaglandins in the arachidonate cascade. Picot et al. (1994) proposed that the enzyme is anchored to one leaflet of the bilayer by a membrane anchoring domain consisting of a right-handed spiral of amphipathic helices (residues 73–116)(More)
Thermodynamic and structural properties of a chemically modified DNA-RNA hybrid in which a phosphodiester linkage is replaced by a neutral amide-3 linkage (3'-CH(2)-CONH-5') were investigated using UV melting experiments, molecular dynamics simulations in explicit water, and continuum solvent models. van't Hoff analysis of the experimental UV melting curves(More)
The importance of functional group orientations and the integrity of the bicyclic perhydrofuran core of malayamycin A and two equally active N-nucleoside analogues as fungicides were investigated. Two analogues 10 and 11, representing a THP-truncated and a bicyclic aza-variant, were synthesized and found to be inactive. Molecular dynamics studies on(More)
BACKGROUND The fungicide benzovindiflupyr belongs to the class of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors (SDHIs). Certain SDHIs have shown plant physiological effects, so called secondary effects, that appeared to be related with the plant water status. Therefore, the effect of benzovindiflupyr on transpiration in leaves and whole wheat plants grown was studied(More)
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