Mafalda Andrea

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OBJECTIVES The etiopathogenesis of functional voice disorders (FVDs) is multifactorial. The purpose of this study was to analyze the severity of depression and anxiety, and the incidence of affective and anxiety disorders, in patients who presented different types of FVDs and were followed at the University Clinic of Otolaryngology. DESIGN This is a(More)
The authors studied the vascular supply of the laryngeal and tracheal mucosa. They based their results on the technique of microangiography. In this study the authors compare the distribution of the small vessels of the mucosa of the cervical trachea and of the larynx--posterior commissure, laryngeal surface of the spiglottis and sub-glottal level. There(More)
The authors specify the role of the ossification process of the larynx cartilages. Only the epiglottis may be considered as a cartilage. The use of microangiography made it possible to describe some peculiar features of the microvascular pattern. The vascular patterns of the thyroid, cricoid and arithenoids cartilages are similar to one another; the(More)
This study is based on a very large series of histological sections of non-tumour-bearing larynges, most of them in the horizontal plane. Six hundred sections in one larynx were performed to show the constitution of the anterior region of the larynx at all levels. Although the same tissues are present (fibres, glands and vessels) in almost the entire extent(More)
The authors devote this study to two regions of the cavity which cause the greatest difficulties in cholesteatoma surgery: the posterior region with its fossae and the upper part of the anterior region of the cavity where the fossa which they have named the supra-tubal fossa is located. They describe the morphological characteristics and relations of these(More)
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