Maengsik Choi

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We propose a kernel-based model to automatically extract social relations such as economic relations and political relations between two people from news articles. To determine whether two people are structurally associated with each other, the proposed model uses an SVM (support vector machine) tree kernel based on trigrams of head-dependent relations(More)
Supervised machine learning methods have been widely used in relation extraction to find the relation between two named entities in a sentence. However, the disadvantages of supervised machine learning methods are that constructing the training data set is costly and time-consuming, and the machine learning system is ultimately dependent on the specific(More)
Named entity recognition (NER) is a preliminary step to performing information extraction and question answering. Most previous studies on NER have been based on supervised machine learning methods that need a large amount of human-annotated training corpus. In this paper, we propose a semi-supervised NER model to minimize the time-consuming and(More)
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