MaengSoon Baik

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Desktop Grid has recently received the strong attraction for executing high throughput applications as CPU, storage and network capacities improve and become cheaper. Desktop Grid is different from Grid in many respects, but there is no general survey or taxonomy for desktop Grid. Therefore, we propose a new comprehensive taxonomy and survey of desktop Grid(More)
Fault tolerance is essential to the further development of desktop grid computing system in order to guarantee continuous and reliable execution of tasks in spite of failures. In a desktop grid computing environment, volunteers are often susceptible to volunteer autonomy failures such as volatility failure and interference failure in the middle of execution(More)
Peer-to-peer grid computing is an attractive computing paradigm for high throughput applications. However, both volatility due to the autonomy of volunteers (i.e., resource providers) and the heterogeneous properties of volunteers are challenging problems in the scheduling procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a scheduling mechanism that adapts(More)
Fault tolerance is essential to the development of reliable mobile agent systems in order to guarantee continuous execution of mobile agents. For this purpose, previous work has proposed fault tolerant protocols for mobile agent execution based on stage construction. However, when previous protocols are applied to a multiregion mobile agent computing(More)
Agents' mobility makes it difficult for them to deliver messages reliably, but a new system could change that. To asynchronously deliver messages to a mobile agent, the reliable asynchronous message delivery (RAMD) protocol places a "blackboard" in each region server for sharing information. RAMD also relates message delivery with a mobile agent's(More)
A peer-to-peer grid computing is complicated by heterogeneous capabilities, failures, volatility, and lack of trust because it is based on desktop computers at the edge of the Internet. In order to improve the reliability of computation and gain better performance, a replication mechanism must adapt to these distinct features. In other words, it is required(More)