Maelle Boland

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We have developed a method of non-invasively detecting language lateralisation by measuring the increase in middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity occurring during a word association task, using transcranial Doppler ultrasonography. All exclusively right handed subjects (N = 12) showed a relative increase in left sided flow velocity during the task;(More)
Intraspinal narcotic (usually intrathecal morphine) infusions with implanted pumps are increasingly used in patients with intractable chronic pain not caused by cancer. In some patients, pain control is difficult with infusions of morphine. Seven patients with diagnoses of arachnoiditis, epidural scarring, and/or vertebral body compression fracture were(More)
As part of the Medical Research Council prospective study of the neurological complications of HIV infection, neurophysiological tests of spinal cord and peripheral nerve function were recorded in a cohort of homosexual or bisexual men. The studies included motor and sensory nerve conduction studies, vibration perception thresholds, somatosensory evoked(More)
To investigate whether there was a subpopulation of repeat breeders (cows or heifers that returned to oestrus after three inseminations) that were less fertile after a fourth artificial insemination (AI) with or without additional embryo transfer, and to estimate the efficacy of AI plus embryo transfer to overcome repeat breeding problems, a two-part(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary rehabilitation is a key element in the treatment of COPD. Music has been shown to have a positive effect on parameters related to a decrease in exercise tolerance. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of listening to ambient music on perceived exertion during a pulmonary rehabilitation session for COPD subjects. METHODS(More)
A retrospective study was performed to evaluate complications with the two most common intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) insertion techniques. During a nine year period, 202 patients (51 women, 151 men) underwent IABP cardiac assist utilizing the arteriotomy surgical (103 balloons) and percutaneous (99 balloons) insertion techniques. Complications, including(More)
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