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Neotropical fishes have a low rate of chromosome differentiation between sexes. The present study characterizes the first meiotic analysis of sex chromosomes in the order Gymnotiformes. Gymnotus(More)
Physical mapping of 5S rDNA in 2 species of knifefishes, Gymnotuspantanal and G. paraguensis (Gymnotiformes), was performed using fluorescence in situ hybridization with a 5S rDNA probe. The 5S rDNA(More)
Gymnotidae is a family of electric fish endemic to the Neotropics consisting of 2 genera: Electrophorus and Gymnotus. The genus Gymnotus is widely distributed and is found in all of the major(More)
A species complex hypothesis involving Astyanax fasciatus from southern Brazil was tested using 12S mtDNA sequences. Phylogenetic inferences were performed with maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony(More)
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