Maebh A Grace

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Slow sand filers are commonly used in water purification processes. However, with the emergence of new contaminants and concern over removing precursors to disinfection by-products, as well as traditional contaminants, there has recently been a focus on technology improvements to result in more effective and targeted filtration systems. The use of new media(More)
Disinfection by-products (DBPs) are an ever-increasing occurrence in water networks, particularly those which abstract water from peatland areas. Although much research has been carried out to discover novel methods to remove specific DBPs, the removal of natural organic matter (NOM) from source water may provide a more sustainable solution in many areas.(More)
Filtration technology is well established in the water sector but is limited by inability to remove targeted contaminants, found in surface and groundwater, which can be damaging to human health. This study optimises the design of filters by examining the efficacy of seven media (fly ash, bottom ash, Bayer residue, granular blast furnace slag (GBS), pyritic(More)
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