Madushanka Nishan Dharmaweera

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The year-by-year increase in electricity consumption significantly affects all nations today from environmental, social, and economic perspectives. Various studies show that, among the contributors of this increase, power consumption of the equipment forming the Internet infrastructure is significant. Consequently, considerable attention is given to finding(More)
Traffic grooming and multipath routing are two techniques that are widely adopted to increase the performance of traditional wavelength division multiplexed networks. They have been recently applied in elastic optical networks to increase spectral efficiency. In this study, we investigate the potential gains by jointly employing the two techniques in(More)
This paper addresses the leader-follower tracking problem of a four-wheel-steering robot subjected to nonlinear uncertainties. Two control laws have been developed, based on the adaptive sliding mode method and the adaptive input-output feedback linearization method. The proposed control schemes have been tested by means of simulations.
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