Mads Troels Hansen

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The rise of the computer and the increasing importance of intellectual assets have compelled executives to examine the knowledge underlying their businesses and how it is used. Because knowledge management as a conscious practice is so young, however, executives have lacked models to use as guides. To help fill that gap, the authors recently studied(More)
Business incubators such as Hotbank, CMGI, and Idealab! are a booming industry. Offering office space, funding, and basic services to start-ups, these organizations have become the hottest way to nurture and grow fledgling businesses. But are incubators a fleeting phenomenon born of an overheated stock market, or are they an important and lasting way of(More)
Most companies do a poor job of capitalizing on the wealth of expertise scattered across their organizations. That's because they tend to rely on centralized knowledge-management systems and technologies. But such systems are really only good at distributing explicit knowledge, the kind that can be captured and codified for general use. They're not very(More)
This paper describes a journey from 2004 to 2008 when SoftwarePeople in Denmark, together with a partner from Bangladesh, established a subsidiary company more than 7000 km away from Denmark. We hired 20 people in one week in Bangladesh and started to use CMMI processes to integrate development teams between the two locations with the goal of receiving a(More)
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