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Cross-wind modal properties of offshore wind turbines identified by full scale testing
Abstract According to the Danish wind turbine industry cross-wind vibrations due to wave loading misaligned with wind turbulence often have a significant influence on the fatigue lifespan of offshoreExpand
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Assessment of the Dynamic Behaviour of Saturated Soil Subjected to Cyclic Loading from Offshore Monopile Wind Turbine Foundations
Abstract The fatigue life of offshore wind turbines strongly depends on the dynamic behaviour of the structures including the underlying soil. To diminish dynamic amplification and avoid resonance,Expand
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Effects of soil–structure interaction on real time dynamic response of offshore wind turbines on monopiles
Abstract Offshore wind turbines are highly dynamically loaded structures, their response being dominated by the interrelation effects between the turbine and the support structure. Since the dynamicExpand
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Natural Frequency and Damping Estimation of an Offshore Wind Turbine Structure
During the last years, offshore wind turbines have increased significantly in size with larger rotors and more powerful generators. The costs are kept as low as possible by reducing the overallExpand
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Dynamic Properties of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Well-covered in the field of earthquake engineering, the dynamic response of civil engineering structures is highly dependent on the impedance of the soil-foundation system. For offshore wind turbineExpand
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A probabilistic analysis of the dynamic response of monopile foundations: Soil variability and its consequences
Abstract The reliability of offshore wind turbines is highly influenced by the uncertainties related to the subsoil conditions. Traditionally, the evaluation of the dynamic structural behaviour isExpand
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Dynamic response sensitivity of an offshore wind turbine for varying subsoil conditions
In this paper, a comprehensive study is performed on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbine installed on a monopile. The aim is to evaluate to what extent a change of the soil propertiesExpand
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