Madolin Witte

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BACKGROUND Established prognostic factors are of limited value to predict long-term survival and benefit from metastasectomy in advanced melanoma. This study aimed to identify prognostic factors in patients with distant metastasis. METHODS We analysed overall survival of 855 institutional melanoma patients with distant metastasis by bivariate Kaplan-Meier(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of single-dose etomidate in pediatric patients with intracranial hypertension after severe traumatic brain injury. METHODS Patients admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with severe traumatic brain injury were enrolled with the informed consent of their guardians. The experimental intervention was a single dose of(More)
The determination of the bleeding time (BT) is an essential diagnostic tool for von Willebrand's disease (vWD). However, the standardized Simplate BT still displays many variables and disadvantages. The present study reports on the sensitivity of the in vitro bleeding test (IVBT) in 51 vWD cases of different types and severity in comparison to the Simplate(More)
Early portal vein impairment or thrombosis after liver transplantation is a significant risk factor for graft failure. Here, we describe a case of severe portal hypoperfusion after thrombectomy during liver transplantation that was treated with percutaneous stenting on the first postoperative day. Stenting was combined with embolization of varices and(More)
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