Madoka Sato

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In automated editing, text summarization plays an important role when creating the digests of contents; the digest helps users find the desired information quickly. In our automated editing system that makes FAQ-like information packages from the USENET articles, summaries are extracted from original articles. Extracted summaries are useful for selecting(More)
This paper describes two signicant natural language processing methods that are used in the automated QA-Pack generation system: the summary-extraction method and the hierarchical text clas-sication method. QA-Pack is the questions-answers package that is generated from the USENET articles; we designed QA-Pack as a substitution of Frequently Asked Questions(More)
We have been developing a large scale PC cluster named PACS-CS (Parallel Array Computer System for Computational Sciences) at Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba, for wide variety of computational science applications such as computational physics, computational material science, computational biology, etc. We consider the most(More)
The Japanese-french FP3C (Framework and Programming for Post-Petascale Computing) Project ANR/JST-2010-JTIC-003 aims at studying the software technologies, languages and programming models on the road to exascale computing. The ability to efficiency exploit these future systems is challenging because of their ultra large-scale and highly hierarchical(More)
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