Madlin Lemm

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Current developments in calcium phosphate cement (CPC) technology concern the use of ready-to-use injectable cement pastes by dispersing the cement powder in a water-miscible solvent, such that, after injection into the physiological environment, setting of cements occurs by diffusion of water into the cement paste. It has also been demonstrated recently(More)
Calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) are highly valuable materials for filling bone defects and bone augmentation by minimal invasive application via percutaneous injection. In the present study some key features were significantly improved by developing a novel injectable ready-to-use calcium phosphate cement based on water-immiscible carrier liquids. A(More)
Calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) are widely used for bone-defect treatment. Current developments comprise the fabrication of porous scaffolds by three-dimensional plotting and doting using biologically active substances, such as strontium. Strontium is known to increase osteoblast activity and simultaneously to decrease osteoclast resorption. This study(More)
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