Madlen I. Rast

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In plant shoot meristems, cells with indeterminate fate are separated from determinate organ founder cells by morphological boundaries. Organ founder cells are selected at sites of auxin accumulation. Auxin is channeled between cells via efflux carrier proteins, but influx carriers are needed to concentrate auxin in the outer meristem layer. The genetic(More)
In this work, we investigate morphological differences between Arabidopsis thaliana, which has simple leaves, and its relative Cardamine hirsuta, which has dissected leaves comprising distinct leaflets. With the use of genetics, interspecific gene transfers, and time-lapse imaging, we show that leaflet development requires the REDUCED COMPLEXITY (RCO)(More)
Organ initiation requires the specification of a group of founder cells at the flanks of the shoot apical meristem and the creation of a functional boundary that separates the incipient primordia from the remainder of the meristem. Organ development is closely linked to the downregulation of class I KNOTTED1 LIKE HOMEOBOX (KNOX) genes and accumulation of(More)
The plant hormone auxin plays a role in virtually every aspect of plant growth and development. Temporal and spatial distribution of auxin largely depends on the dynamic expression and subcellular localization of the PIN auxin-efflux carrier proteins. We show here that the Arabidopsis thaliana JAGGED LATERAL ORGAN (JLO) gene, a member of the LATERAL ORGAN(More)
A major goal in biology is to identify the genetic basis for phenotypic diversity. This goal underpins research in areas as diverse as evolutionary biology, plant breeding and human genetics. A limitation for this research is no longer the availability of sequence information but the development of functional genetic tools to understand the link between(More)
Leaves show considerable variation in shape, and may be described as simple, when the leaf is entire, or dissected, when the leaf is divided into individual leaflets. Here, we report that the SIMPLE LEAF3 (SIL3) gene is a novel determinant of leaf shape in Cardamine hirsuta - a dissected-leaved relative of the simple-leaved model species Arabidopsis(More)
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